•  Helmets and back protectors recommended. Helmet mandatory for children. MANDATORY helmet for the Superpipe and Arare.
  •  Respect nature and the environment. Use the garbages at your disposal.
  •  DANGER! Do not park on receptions.

Some security rules 

  • Before leaping

    Always do a recognition pass. The size and appearance of modules in the park vary depending on snow conditions and of the moment of day.

  • Respect your level

    Do not go to the park without having the experience and skills necessary to practice secure. Check the degree of difficulty you will encounter on the snowpark. Seek the help of an observer if necessary.

  • If you want to be respected, respect others

    Only one person at a time per module. Wait your turn and announce your departure. Do not park on receptions. Respect the signs and do not go in the park when closed.

  •   Easy
  •   Average
  •   Confirmed
  •   Expert

The use of the Snowpark, exposes you
to risk of serious injury.
Jumps upside down is not recommended.

 Download our manual
of the use of Snowparks